Content Management in Drupal 6

So you have a lot of content on your Drupal site? Or you think you are going to? Comments? How do you approve them? What about Taxonomy? It's all under the Content Management section in Drupal 6.

This video is a general overview of the Content Management section. This is where you approve comments, publish multiple articles, or un-publish articles. This section also is where you set the teaser length of your articles, how many articles are in your RSS feed, and where you set your taxonomy terms (categories is another way of saying taxonomy).

Learn how to manage your content in your Drupal 6 site today!

Creating Roles in Drupal 5

From the default installation, Drupal sets up two roles for you. What are these roles, what can I do with them, and can I create more? I hope to answer these questions for you.

What are roles?
Roles give access to certain parts of your Drupal site. Depending on what your role is within the site, you can access certain features of the site.

Enabling User Pictures in Drupal 5

The first quick tip I have for my fellow Drupal enthusiasts has to to do with user pictures. Once it is enabled, registered users can upload a picture representing who they are when they go and register on your site. Once you enable this setting, you can decide when you want the pictures to show. You can include them in posts and/or comments.

It's very easy to set up user pictures in Drupal, but you do have to make a few mouse clicks to do this. You have to go to User Settings to turn it on and then to Theme Configuration to show them.

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