What is a Node in Drupal?

A lot of people get confused on what a node is in Drupal. I know I was when I first started using Drupal. This video hopes to clarify what a node is for those who are confused.

Basically it comes down to this: A node is a single piece of content that is published on a Drupal site.

If it is content... such as stories, videos, images, pages, etc... it is a node. If you create your own content types, those would be nodes as well.

I hope this clarifies the term for people who are new to Drupal. If you have any comments, please leave them below. Drupal rocks!

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Although it’s much better

Although it’s much better than other content management systems, Drupal’s security is still not perfect. What makes me feel safe using Drupal is the fact that critical bugs don’t appear so often as for other systems. When they do patches are released almost immediately, which is also reassuring.
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well no system is perfect

well no system is perfect security wise, but I dont think drupal is any worse than the others, there is so many poitve things you hear about it.

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