Separating Content From Design

Separating the content from design. What do I mean by this? A good Content Management System (such as Drupal) will allow you to separate these two elements in your website. The reason you would want to do this is it makes it real easy to change the look from a simple update to a complete redesign without having to worry about the content. Your content is completely separate from the look. Drupal takes this approach fully.

I got this concept from watching the Lab with Leo. I am a fan of the old Screen Savers and Call for Help with Leo Laporte, and this is the latest incarnation of Call for Help. They built there site with Drupal and Leo asked the developer why he chose Drupal and the separating the content from design came up.

They built their site in a few short weeks focusing on adding content. They used Drupal's default Garland theme during this time. After a few months, and lots of content, they decided to build a theme. Since Drupal keeps these two elements separated, they did not have to worry about changing the content, all they had to worry about is working on theme.

This is another reason why your site should be in a Content Management System, and particularly in Drupal. :)

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