Scheduling Posts using Drupal

Today I am going to show you how you can schedule postings using Drupal. This is something that can come in real handy and a lot of bloggers schedule postings to be shown throughout the day. By default, Drupal does not allow this as the article is posted as soon as you submit it. The other nice feature this module has is unpublish. Not only can you tell an article when it should go live, but you can also tell it when you no longer want it live.

The first thing you have to do is download this module and install it and enable it. There is still one other step that you need to do before you can use this feature... you need to go to each content type you want to use this on, such as story or pages, and enable the option for that content type.

Right now the only person who can schedule postings in the Drupal administrator, you also can set other roles to use the feature, including authenticated users or any other roles you set up. You do this by going to the access privileges. With this option, you can have only certain users who have special privileges use this.

You will now have a new option for scheduling yours Drupal posts. You can schedule the year, month, day, and time that the post will be published and, optionally, be unpublished. Drupal rocks!

You can find the scheduler module here:

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Thanks for this video. Very

Thanks for this video. Very useful module.

Awesome! Nice Article. Very

Awesome! Nice Article. Very informable. Definatly will check back in. Keep up the good work!

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