My New Install Routine for Drupal 5

Somebody asked me a while back about the procedure I go through on a new install of Drupal. We all have our routines and this is no different. So what do I do on a fresh install of Drupal?

Basically I go to the Site Administration Menu and start clicking:

  1. I enable clean URLS.
  2. I Set the Date and Time formats.
  3. I set the file system folder for uploaded files.
  4. I go to Site Information and name the site and enter an email address.

Now I go to the modules:

  1. I turn color off as I don't use the theme using that module.
  2. I turn on the Contact Module.
  3. I turn on the Path Module.
  4. I turn on the Ping Module.
  5. I turn on the Search Module.

Now that all the core modules are on that I want on, Need to set them up. I set up the contact form by entering an address and enabling it in the menus (usually I put it in the Primary Links).

That's pretty much it on a basic installation of Drupal.

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