Fuzzy Search Module in Drupal 5

Drupal's built in search module works good out of the box. You have a simple search and advanced search where you can search users among other items. The problem I have with the built in search module is that it does not do partial word searches. How many times have you went to a site, but you can't remember how to spell a word, so you type in just the first few letters? Well this is where the Fuzzy Search module comes in to play.

Not only does it provide partial word searches, but it will also try to correct minor typos. This works great if you can't remember how to spell the search term you are using. Fuzzy Search will still provide results based on some fuzzy logic. What you do lose are the advanced search features that the Drupal search module provides, but I have found that the advanced search I turn off for most of of the sites I have built. Just a simple search is what most people need, one with partial word search and typo correction is even better. The Fuzzy Search module is a separate search engine for Drupal. You can actually have both search engines running side by side, but I am not sure why you would want to do this. The video shows the module in action. I do a few partial word searches and even mistype a few words to see what it finds.

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