Drupal's Site Maintenance Mode

If you are working on your Drupal site and you want to take if offline temporarily, Drupal has a setting that allows you to do this. They call the Site Maintenance. You can find it under the Site Configuration menu. What this does is takes your site offline to anonymous users and authenticated users. The only person who has access to the site is the administrator. Any viewer will get a message stating that the site is offline. You can change the message that the user views to whatever you want as well.This tip came to me via email. Someone asked how they could get back into the site after they made it offline. All you need to do is go to your site and add to the url /user, an example would be: your-drupal-test-site.com/userOnce you enter this url, you will be at the login screen. Just log in using your administrator password, and you are back in business.

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