Drupal Video Tutorials Available for the iPad

Want to learn more about Drupal? droo-puhl 101 HD for the iPad and droo-puhl 101 for the iPhone each have over 2 hours of Drupal video training and they are available now at the App Store!

Are you looking to build a website? Thinking of using Drupal? Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems available today (latest statistics show that over 1% of all websites use Drupal for its backend). It is estimated that 7.2 million websites are based on Drupal. You can download Drupal today for free (it is open source) and start building your website within minutes. This app shows you how!

This iPad application has 20 video tutorials (over 2 hours) at the iPad’s native resolution of 1024x768 showing you how to build a Drupal website. All videos are within the app itself so no wifi or 3G connection is needed once the app is downloaded.

What do the videos in the app cover?
- Installing Drupal on your local computer
- Moving your new site to a hosting server using cPanel
- Building your own menus
- Images and Image Galleries
- Cron Jobs and how Drupal uses them
- Comments
- Themes
- Friendly URLs
- Blocks and building your own blocks
- Content Types
- RSS Feeds
- Taxonomy (Categories)
- Attachments
- Input Formats
- Site Performance
- Users
- Permissions
- Roles
- And more!