Drupal 5 Overview - Build a website in 10 minutes

So what is Drupal? What can you do with it? And what is a Content Management System (CMS)? I hope to answer these question, at least on a most basic level, by building a website in minutes using Drupal.

Content Management Systems (CMS) is generally the next step in website building. Most modern websites use some form of CMS system, from Drupal, to Joomla, to WordPress. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is the ease of building a site and, more importantly, maintaining a site. By building your site in a CMS system, you bypass the need to rely on a webmaster to make small changes to your website. These changes you can make yourself in any standard browser. These changes could be anything from address changes, phone numbers, or special deals that are going on. Another major feature is you can set up roles for users. You can give users the ability to log in and make changes themselves, and only certain users can make certain changes.

The next question is why Drupal? I've worked with many CMS systems before and after working with Drupal, I feel I have found the holy grail when it comes to CMS systems. WordPress is good for blogging, but what if I wanted to do more? Joomla I had a hard time grasping the concept, although they do have great templates. Many other CMS systems have their distinct advantages as well. Somehow Drupal seemed to be a good balance to me.

You have modules to extend the feature set. Drupal is written in PHP and MySQL. There are many themes to extend the look of your Drupal site. The code is clean and lite. And search engines seem to love a properly set up Drupal site. I could go on.

Take a look at the video and watch how easy it is to have a Drupal site up and running with articles, a contact form, and an About Us page. Also, let me know what you think when it comes to CMS systems.

Drupal rocks!

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hi i have a website

hi i have a website islamtube.tv and i wanted to know if it is possible to make a video site with drupal and anyways great post.

Hey Asger, Yes you an use it

Hey Asger,

Yes you an use it to create videos for your website. However, you will need some HTML knowledge to get things operating correctly.

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Great video, I'm about to try

Great video, I'm about to try a Drupal build so very helpful.

It nice to have Drupal around

It nice to have Drupal around in the web business. I mean now you can find wordpress almost everywhere. Their famous 5 minutes install is a wonderful opportunity for those people who are absolute newbies in the internet. However I would really suggest trying Drupal instead of wordpress. I mean there are way too less websites made with Drupal so it is a nice opportunity to be a little bit different from those wordpress websites. Moreover such articles like that can really help to make your own web in 10 minutes. Isn't it quick huh? So I highly recommend trying Drupal and all the modules which you can get to this CMS.
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Wow, Drupal really rocks. I

Wow, Drupal really rocks. I use Wordpress on my comunicação visual site, but I´ll give a try for Drupal!


Thanks for an excellent Drupal introduction!

With complex topics it's often difficult to figure out where to start, and this can lead the uninitiated to throw in the towel prematurely. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this tutorial video and give us a taste of what Drupal can do! Amazing stuff!

Now it's just a small* matter of coming up with interesting content, such as...chronicling the exciting lives and mating habits of periwinkles.

*Yeah, right! ;)

But seriously, THANK YOU Drupal Dude!!


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yes excellent video! i hope

yes excellent video! i hope to see more of your work!t

This is what I’ve been

This is what I’ve been looking for. You have saved a Drupal beginner from giving up!!
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Hi. The video is very interesting and useful. Building a website never looked so interesting. thank you for sharing!

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Wow ! The video is simply amazing. Building a website never looked so easy and quick. Thank you for sharing !

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Question to switching website to Drupal

I am thinking of changing my website http://www.gartenheinz.de from Typo3 to Drupal. Have you any experiences of switching from anohter open source system to Drupal? Must I expect any complications? Thanks a lot in advance for any further tip !

Drupal Rocks!

Hey, thanks for the tips. That's quicker than most tip-givers ;) Drupal is a great CMS, very robust and dynamic. Recruitment Software

wow.. we can build a website

wow.. we can build a website in just 10 minutes..
really exciting!

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I really like the video... Very useful and time saving information, thank you!

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It is possible to apply

It is possible to apply Drupal to almost any site type: from simple static sites (the system of pseudonyms allows to set any URL for pages) to complicated community-portals. There will be almost no restrictions in site design – it all depends only on the desire and experience of the developer.

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hey there,

is it much easier to build such websites with drupla. cause im using the wordpress templates and i find its very eays to setup a website with it. any recommondations?
the site im talking about is called http://meet-media.com/ u can have a look, if u like.


I particularly like the way

I particularly like the way that only small tasks are apportioned by content type (such as blog or calendar event), which dovetails nicely with creating CCKs and views in Drupal; but it’s still a big task you’re taking on!

Thanks for video,I made my

Thanks for video,I made my first site with your help.