Installing Modules in Drupal 6

Where do you install modules in Drupal? You'd think you install them in the 'modules' folder, but that would not be the proper place. The 'modules' folder (which is located in the root folder of a typical Drupal installation) is where all the Drupal Core modules are installed. These are the modules that Drupal comes with by default. You can put the modules there if you'd like, but if Drupal comes out with an update, you'll have to figure out which modules you installed and which ones are core.

Where to install Drupal 5 Modules

Where you install Drupal modules that you download has changed since 4.7. Prior to version 5, you'd install additional modules in the Modules folder. But since version 5 came out, the new practice is to install them in your sites folder. This is also where additional themes should be installed.

Enabling Clean URLs in Drupal 5

Today I am going to show you how to enable clean URL's in Drupal. By enabling clean URLs, your Drupal website will become a lot more search engine friendly and the URL's in your browser will be easy to read.

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