Drupal 6 Training Series

Content Management in Drupal 6

So you have a lot of content on your Drupal site? Or you think you are going to? Comments? How do you approve them? What about Taxonomy? It's all under the Content Management section in Drupal 6.

This video is a general overview of the Content Management section. This is where you approve comments, publish multiple articles, or un-publish articles. This section also is where you set the teaser length of your articles, how many articles are in your RSS feed, and where you set your taxonomy terms (categories is another way of saying taxonomy).

Learn how to manage your content in your Drupal 6 site today!

Installing Modules in Drupal 6

Where do you install modules in Drupal? You'd think you install them in the 'modules' folder, but that would not be the proper place. The 'modules' folder (which is located in the root folder of a typical Drupal installation) is where all the Drupal Core modules are installed. These are the modules that Drupal comes with by default. You can put the modules there if you'd like, but if Drupal comes out with an update, you'll have to figure out which modules you installed and which ones are core.

What is Drupal?

In this video I describe how I used Drupal to make www.whatsupholland.com. The video is meant to be an overview on how Drupal can be used for your site. I go through and show some of the features of the site and which module and features of Drupal are used to achieve the site's goals. It does not get into any detail on the modules themselves, those will be coming in future videos. This is the first in a new series of videos I am going to be releasing on using Drupal 6. I hope you enjoy them!
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