Changing the Length of Post That Shows on Front Page

By default Drupal will trim your posts to 600 characters. What this means is that if you have a story or posting that is longer than 600 words, Drupal will cut the content to the first 600 characters for the front page and then add a 'read more' link to the full posting.

There is a setting in Drupal that allows you change the ammount of characters that it will trim to. You can set it to the maximum of unlimited, meaning that your whole post will show on the front page and it won't cut any characters, to a minimum of 200 characters. If you set it to the mimimum, it would be like having the first few sentences of your post on the front page.

Where to install Drupal 5 Modules

Where you install Drupal modules that you download has changed since 4.7. Prior to version 5, you'd install additional modules in the Modules folder. But since version 5 came out, the new practice is to install them in your sites folder. This is also where additional themes should be installed.

Enabling Clean URLs in Drupal 5

Today I am going to show you how to enable clean URL's in Drupal. By enabling clean URLs, your Drupal website will become a lot more search engine friendly and the URL's in your browser will be easy to read.

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