Scheduling Posts using Drupal

Today I am going to show you how you can schedule postings using Drupal. This is something that can come in real handy and a lot of bloggers schedule postings to be shown throughout the day. By default, Drupal does not allow this as the article is posted as soon as you submit it. The other nice feature this module has is unpublish. Not only can you tell an article when it should go live, but you can also tell it when you no longer want it live.

Taxonomy or Categories in Drupal

Taxonomy in Drupal was confusing to me at first. All I wanted was a simple category system for my website. What is this Taxonomy stuff? In it's most simplistic form taxonomies are categories.

Enabling User Pictures in Drupal 5

The first quick tip I have for my fellow Drupal enthusiasts has to to do with user pictures. Once it is enabled, registered users can upload a picture representing who they are when they go and register on your site. Once you enable this setting, you can decide when you want the pictures to show. You can include them in posts and/or comments.

It's very easy to set up user pictures in Drupal, but you do have to make a few mouse clicks to do this. You have to go to User Settings to turn it on and then to Theme Configuration to show them.

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