Posterous Now Supports Drupal Blogs

I am a fan of Posterous and I am glad to see them support Drupal directly.

We're happy to announce our newest autoposting destination: Drupal! Now it's super easy to update your self-hosted Drupal blog using email. Before adding your site as an autopost destination, make sure that the "Blog" and "Blog API" modules are enabled (you have to be a site administrator to do this). Then just add your Drupal site URL, username, and password and you're ready to go!

[From Posterous Now Supports Drupal Blogs - The Official Posterous Posterous ]

Search 404 Module in Drupal 6

Have you recently upgraded or updated your Drupal site? Updated it enough to where the URLs have changed? This is bad for people finding your site via search engines. The search engines are still linked to your old site. What happens when someone clicks on the link? They get a Page Not Found on your new site. This is not good.

Search 404 Module is the answer. It takes what you were looking for and searches your new Drupal site and returns the results it found instead of the Page Not Found. In this video I show you how this works and what different options you have.

Creating Roles in Drupal 5

From the default installation, Drupal sets up two roles for you. What are these roles, what can I do with them, and can I create more? I hope to answer these questions for you.

What are roles?
Roles give access to certain parts of your Drupal site. Depending on what your role is within the site, you can access certain features of the site.

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