Comments and Spam on Drupal Dude

A reader informed me that recently I've been getting a lot of spam on the site through comments. I took a look and wow! I went through and deleted all the comments and changed the way you leave comments. You now have to login and create an account to leave any comments. I hope this will reduce the amount of spam on the site. I haven't done much with the site lately, but I know it is still useful to a lot of people. I hope to put more videos on in the future. Please let me know of any other issues that may arise on the site through the contact form, and thanks!

-Drupal Dude

Drupal 5 Overview - Build a website in 10 minutes

So what is Drupal? What can you do with it? And what is a Content Management System (CMS)? I hope to answer these question, at least on a most basic level, by building a website in minutes using Drupal.

Added Lullabot to the link list

Lullabot is a great resource for Drupal developers. They do everything. The best thing I can do is quote from their page.

We are Drupal experts. We write books and articles, publish videos, and roll out weekly podcasts about Drupal and building web sites. With our public and private training, as well as ongoing consulting relationships, we don't just teach you how to fish, we give you the boat, the pole and a well stocked pond to fish in.

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