What is Drupal?

In this video I describe how I used Drupal to make www.whatsupholland.com. The video is meant to be an overview on how Drupal can be used for your site. I go through and show some of the features of the site and which module and features of Drupal are used to achieve the site's goals. It does not get into any detail on the modules themselves, those will be coming in future videos. This is the first in a new series of videos I am going to be releasing on using Drupal 6. I hope you enjoy them!

WhatsUpHolland.com based on Drupal

I've been working hard on a new site, an idea I've had in the back of my mind for several years. Drupal 6 and several modules allowed me to make my dream come true. What is the site? A local directory for restaurants, hotels, parks, etc. Think of Yelp with the local touch. What's cool about it is how Drupal and the gmap module allowed me to map out anyone listed on the site! It's in it's very early stages and I have a lot of ideas for it including articles and possibly reviews.

New look for the site!

Drupaldude.com has a new look, now just need to get some more content up here. I hope be working on some more videos soon. I've been working a lot with Drupal 6 and I have a lot of ideas and tips for new videos. I just need to record them. ;)

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