Drupal Views Module

The Views Module for Drupal allows you to create your own views for your site. What are views? On a standard Drupal installation when you are looking at a node or a story, you see the Title and ;the Content. What if you want an archive page showing only the Titles of the stories or nodes? Or you just want the Title and Date it was submitted? This is where views comes in. You can create your own views display the information you want to display on your Drupal site. In this video I go through and create a simple view showing you how it works.

Menus in Drupal 6

This Drupal 6 Video Tutorial introduces you to Drupal's menu system. The video goes over Primary Links, Secondary Links, and shows you how to make your own menu if you did not want to use one of Drupal's menus. Master Drupal's menus by watching this video tutorial!

Drupal and Printer Friendly Pages

Did you know that Drupal can email your stories out or create printer friendly pages off of your site? This is all done through a third party module called Print. It works great from a reader standpoint for sharing the article. They click on the Printer Friendly Link, or email link and Drupal takes care of the rest. Drupal will email the story for you or it will create a nice page for the printer, usually stripping out the background, ads, blocks, etc. In this video I go through and demonstrate the module and show you how to set it up.

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